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IAM Technologies allows you to quickly explorer the content of the data to discover what can give the real competitive advantage. The conuous effort in research and development has led to a platform declined on various solutions that contain the best functionalities needed.
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IAM Technologies is a private company producing software for Artificial Intelligence, it is the custodian of the most advanced technology to trasform your way of doing business. Our software offers you a single automated process for analyzing data from any source and for acquiring the predictive power needed to drive change and innovation. Our vision is to find increasingly advanced and performing solutions and architecture to generate “intelligence” from business processes by building innovative results.
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IAM Technologies
IAM Technologies is offering a new methodology based on AI & Big data enabling companies to analyse, identify and get rid of patterns of complex activity hidden within their enterprise data.
Our Artificial Intelligence Decision Automation Platform (AIDA Platform) is composed by different tools, and you can choose only the ones that fit your needs.
Companies have different objectives, expectations, experience and resources. IAM is project-agnostic
IAM takes all you input and find the best performing model for your data, any kind of data
The IAM core can work wih really big data: the real world needs real time
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Why you don’t see projects or products about IAM in this site? Because some IAM technologies is restricted to our partners, and some products are patent pendingĀ 


We are in the beautiful Rome, in wonderful Italy


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